The pedagogical training course consists of six different modules which are (Information and Communication Technology, Student-centered approach, Innovative Pedagogical methods & assessment tools, Competence-based education, Edupreneureship & University Work Environment Cooperation, and Research Development module. Each module comes with different learning outcomes such as making use of online and offline digital learning tools, providing participants with the correct psychological construct that may be important in educational settings, using suitable methods of teaching to apply theories in the laboratory, fieldwork, and connect them to their real-life situations. Moreover, describing what flexibility in the curriculum means in the Kurdistan context and knowing how to design a flexible curriculum. Demonstrating knowledge of the research process is another learning outcome in the pedagogical training course.

Assessment for Learning:

During the course six different modules are employed, each module is taught with various assessment approaches, criteria, and tools, which are employed to evaluate the achievement of the learning outcomes of each module. Both formative and summative assessments are used. However, the focus is more on using formative assessment tools. Assessment tools such as continuous assessment, portfolios, reports, projects, peer assessments, presentations, seminars, self-assessments, assignments, learning diaries, reflections, … etc.