The department of information technology is one of the departments of the Technical College of Informatic. It was established in 2013-2014. The first year of admission to this department was only for those students who graduated from the Technical Institute -Information Technology department, and the study started in the second grade. The first group of the graduation was from 2015-2016.

The education system in the Department of Information Technology is based on the Bologna system. Students obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology after four years of study

Admission Requirements:
  1. The student’s score can compete for admission to the department.
  2. Graduated student from grade 12 scientific high school.
  3. Graduated student from Computer Institute with Polytechnic system.
  4. Graduate student of Business High School
Aim of the Information Technology Department:

The main contents of the Degree in this department are designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the field of Information Technology and Science, and prepare experts in the field of computers and technology for the labour market and according to the rapid changes in technology in society, so that we can provide the needs of the private and public sectors.

The importance of information technology in the labor market:
  1. Provide technical assistance related to computer systems. Some of the common problems they solve are connectivity issues and malfunctioning applications; in addition, they can modify, install, clean and repair software and hardware.
  2. They can work such as the software developers design a range of software solutions, from operating systems, databases, mobile applications desktop application and games; such as creating application for banks, hospitals, companies.