The CDC Centre and Cowater Organisation will hold an international workshop.

The Career Development Centre (CDC) at Sulaimany Polytechnic University, in collaboration with Cowater International Organization, holds an agribusiness workshop using STAR methods, CDC staff, representatives of several companies, and some students will participate. The workshop will be conducted by Cowater International) with the European Union’s support in forming the (ISDEHARAK) project. The international trainer (Roger Noujaim) will conduct the workshop with the assistance of Ayoob Kareem, CDC Director. On the first day of the workshop, training on the activities of the development center and the steps of preparing students, especially the students of agriculture, for global work using the START Method. They also talked about interview techniques, so that future participants can guide students in the field. On the second day of the workshop, the staff and representatives of the CDC Centre, representing some of the companies, including Asiasel, Halabja Group, IQ, Big Power, and ARD Company) and some students participated in the workshop while the representatives of the CDC Centre directly discussed with the companies about the Kurdistan labor market’s need for expert power. They are identifying the problems and challenges in the field. In another part of the workshop, we talked about how to write a CV and resume so that, in the future, students will be trained in that field. The third day of the workshop, which is scheduled to be held on March 6, 2024, will feature the planning of the CDC’s workplan and the best practice steps for the development center.