SPU Takes Sixth Position among KRI Public Universities

According to the latest Webometrics ranking for academic institutions, Sulaimani
Polytechnic University has held the sixth position among 18 public universities and
the seventh among 35 public and private universities in the Kurdistan Region of
Based on recorded citations for university researchers, Spain's largest public
research institution Webometrics (CSIC) for January 2024, announced the latest
ranking of universities. In this regard, Sulaimani Polytechnic University has
witnessed significant progress between the years (2022 to 2024), taking its place
from 11 th to seventh among all universities in the region, from 10 th to 6 th place at the
level of public universities in the region and ranked 25 th from 30 th among all public
and private universities in Iraq.
In terms of the number of citations for research, Sulaimani Polytechnic University,
had only 2942 citations in 2022, yet it rose to 6,920 citations in 2023. However,
this number rose to 11,597 citations in 2024. This is the biggest change that has
been made thanks to the efforts of the lecturers and the university’s ranking
committee. On this occasion, the Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic University
congratulates all the lecturers, the ranking committee of the university, all the
employees and students of the university for recording this scientific achievement
and wish them further success and better accomplishments.


Presidency of Sulaiman Polytechnic University



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