• Technical College of Engineering TCE

    Technical College of Engineering TCE0

    Mechanical engineering, Planning engineering, and Telecommunication engineering became the very first departments constituting the technical engineering school of the Polytechnic University of Sulaimani following ministerial decision of the Minister of Higher of Education. TCE consists of three departments: 1) Metal and Manufacturing engineering department 2) Urban Plan engineering department 3) Telecommunication Engineering department Objectives: This

  • Technical College of Informatics TCI

    Technical College of Informatics TCI0

    The School was first established by the head of the Computer Science Institute and its lectures in 2013 based on the official agreement of the Ministry of Higher Education. It consists of three departments and receives both Diploma Holders and High School Graduates. By 2016, the School will have the first graduated group of students.

  • Technical College of Administration TCA

    Technical College of Administration TCA0

    After the recent improvements in the technical schools, the technical departments of Sulaimani technical College were divided into administration and accountancy schools. In 2013, the departments mentioned, became part of the newly established Technical Administration College. TCA consists of three departments: 1) Technical Business & Administration 2) Technical accountancy 3) Technical Media The departments mentioned

  • Technical College of Health TCH

    Technical College of Health TCH0

    Community health was the first department launched at the technical college of Sulaimani. By 2013, it became an independent department of the health technical college of the Polytechnic University of Sulaimani. By 2014, after the establishment of the Pathological Investigations’ department, the ‘Technical College of Health became one of the schools of the Poly Technic

  • Technical College of Applied ScienceTCAC

    Technical College of Applied ScienceTCAC0

    The establishment of this school in 2004 followed Jalal Talabani and Ghazi Ajail Yawar, the former present of Iraq, visit to Halabja. Back to this year, Jalal Talabani Promised Halabja Civilians to open an Agricultural School for high school graduates of the province. It started as the college of agriculture in 2004 following the ministerial

  • Halabja Technical Institute HTI

    Halabja Technical Institute HTI0

    It is an educational and scientific Sector which is a branch of the Polytechnic University of Sulaimani established in 1997 under the name of Sirwan Technical School of Agriculture and later on changed to the Technical Institute of Halabja in 2003. The first Academic year started in 2003-2004 by receiving students in Nursing and Plant


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