The directorate of dormitories is one of the directorates of the Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic University that is directly attached to the Vice President for Student Affairs. This directorate supervises all the dormitories of colleges and institutes of our university which consists of 7 institutes and 5 colleges. In total we have 25 dormitory buildings, which (3470) students housed in them.


The Purpose of the Directorate of Dormitories:
It works to provide the best accommodation for students so that they consider it their second home, with all the essentials and good services. It should be a place for students to obtain degrees in the scientific departments of our university.


Work and Activities of the Directorate of Dormitories:
During the previous years, the directorate of dormitories continued various activities that consist of field visits to all dormitory buildings of colleges and institutes according to a schedule during the academic year. After that, they write reports and identify problems and shortcomings, then solve them according to the capacity of the directorate in order to further serve and protect the dormitories. This directorate in coordination with the Health and Safety Directorate strives to improve the health and safety behavior of students through joint committees of the directorate of dormitories with the Health and Safety Directorate that visit the fields to investigate and hold accountable for health and safety deficiencies. The aim of this department is to provide the best service to dormitory students.

Directorate of Dormitory


Address: Iraq, Kurdistan Region, Al Sulaymaniyah, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Chwarchra Campus, Zewar street, 44.

P.O. Box: 70-236