The Directorate of Information Technology and Statistics was established at Sulaimani Polytechnic University on January 22, 2015. This department plays a crucial role in supervising and coordinating various services related to IT and statistics. In addition, it actively engages in managing projects and endeavors to enhance the national ranking of the university through a dedicated committee.

The Directorate of Information Technology and Statistics takes on a diverse range of responsibilities within Sulaimani Polytechnic University. These include:

  1. The department is responsible for managing and maintaining the university’s IT infrastructure. It ensures the smooth functioning of computer systems, networks, software applications, and other technological resources. Additionally, it provides technical support and assistance to the SPU staff
  2. The directorate conducts statistical analysis to gather and interpret data related to various aspects of the university.
  3. The department oversees and coordinates IT and statistical projects undertaken by various departments within the university. The directorate plays a crucial role in project planning, resource allocation, and monitoring progress.
  4. A significant focus of the directorate’s work is the university’s ranking. It actively works to identify areas of improvement and implement strategies to enhance the university’s ranking.

As part of the Directorate of Information Technology and Statistics, we are aiming to improve the level of the university, achieve a high organizational and systematic asset, and ensure that teachers, employees, and students are able to perform their work efficiently and effectively. Another goal is to provide the necessary and fast solution for all university staff and be able to use your data through your account wherever you are.

Directory Structure

Website Unit

Provides and facilitates the process of research, teaching, and learning and improves the ranking of the university through several services such as setting the university email for all teachers and students, Google Apps for Education educational services, e-learning platform services E-learning Platform, and Google Classroom. Also developing and creating websites and organizing and supervising websites of the university and all colleges, institutes, centers, and directorates of the university presidency, scientific journals, and conference activities.


Network Unit

Supervising and repairing computers, networks, and the internet of the Presidency and participating in the form of (advisory or membership) related to the committees in the field of computers for the whole university, as well as carrying out network projects for the Presidency and the university


Statistic Unit

Supervising and organizing the statistics of the university and responding to the necessary requests of the Ministry of Higher Education, receiving and unifying the statistics of employees, teachers, and students of the university. Additionally, creating charts according to the requirements. Preparation of statistics as required by other departments of the university.

E-Library Unit

Providing electronic resources including (books, journals, scientific research, master’s and doctoral theses) for the academic staff and students of our university, which helps to improve the scientific level of the university.

Visit SPU E-library page.

Directorate of Information Technology and Statistics

Director: Assistant Lecturer. Zhana Fidakar Mohammed

Address: Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, 3rd floor Wrme Street 327/76, Qrga, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq

P.O. Box: 70-236