The Directorate of Service:

Within the framework of the structure of the Presidency of our university, in terms of administration, it is connected to the Vice President for administrative and financial affairs. The daily guidance and affairs are given from him. The department consists of three divisions with a total of 67 employees: gardens, maintenance, drivers and buses including the night shifts of the Presidency of our University’s guards. The Department of Gardens provides services to all sectors and activities of the service departments on a daily basis. It includes keeping the gardens of the Presidency green, repair and maintenance of the environment of our university’s presidency, language center and all the paths
inside the university with pots and suitable green environment. The garden’s division consists of a number of agricultural engineers and the head of their division is (Kazim Hadi). Maintenance Department is responsible of all internal affairs of the university, including repairing and assisting departments in the university, installing water and electricity pipelines, necessary daily services and supervising the daily affairs of equipment cooling and heating wells. In addition, the generators department is included in this division; providing electricity in case of lack of national electricity and when necessary, stopping the generators, which are four generators. This division consists of a number of employees who are experts in different fields of repair, and the head of this division is (Karzan Jamal Jalal). The drivers’ division is responsible for daily delivery of the necessary directors and employees of SPU. They are also responsible of all visits and exits of the directorates in Sulaimani city, colleges and institutes. Another task of this division is to take SPU staffs to the ministries and the necessary places through drivers and vehicles in an appropriate manner. The number of vehicles operating the affairs of this department is 23. The head of the drivers’ division is (Nizar Rauf Mahmoud). Another part of the work of this department is to guide and supervise cleanliness, coordinate with the university guards and provide their needs with the night guards of our university. In general, the director of the Services Directorate is responsible of all the duties and services that includes most daily visits and activities. As it mentioned the Director of this Directorate supervises all activities under the guidance of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, the President of our University and other respected Vice Presidents of the Presidency of our university.

The Directorate of Service

Director: Ako Salahaddin Qadir

Address: Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, 1st floor. 

Wrme Street 327/76, Qrga, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq

P.O. Box: 70-236