The Directorate of Finance:

The work of this directorate includes all the tasks related to salaries, expenditures and revenues with all accounting records and preparing monthly and annual budgets. All these activities are divided into divisions according to the affiliation and are supervised by the Finance Director, and the divisions are:

1. Accounting and Budget Division

The work of this department includes preparing monthly and annual budgets, estimated budgets, maintaining expenditure records, accounting records and unification of monthly expenditures of the presidency, colleges and institutes.
2. Treasury and Revenue Division

The work of this department includes receiving all the revenues of the presidency, all colleges and institutes, organizing the register of wills, organizing the schedule of statements, monthly advances and several other works related to the fund.
3. Project and Planning Divisio

Preparing all records of projects related to our university such as (expenditure documents, receipts and project cheques) and downloading the advances on the prose register.

4. Salary Division
Preparing schedules and records of all permanent and contract employees of our university based on the university orders related to the payment of salaries, and preparing (salary disbursement documents, final salary certificates and advances of employees) and biometric system of employees and teachers. Moreover, financing the monthly salaries of teachers and employees and sending the amount of collateral owed to our university to banks and offices through cheques and official letters are among the tasks of this division.

5. Treasury Division
The work of this department is to record all the goods and items purchased by the committees and then distribute them to the directorates, departments, colleges and institutes according to the requests and accounting records, which are maintained by the employees of this department.

The Directorate of Finance

Director: Lanja Hamid Marf

Address: Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, 2sec floor. 

Wrme Street 327/76, Qrga, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq

P.O. Box: 70-236