The directorate of administration is one of the most important directorates of the University’s Presidency, which is directly linked to the Vice President for Administration and Finance Affairs. This directorate consists of four divisions which are, (Personnel, property, archive and reception) along with supervising university’s telephone exchange.

The Duties of this Directorate:
1. Providing appropriate employees for all departments according to the needs of the department.
2. Performing the affairs of employees and teachers and organizing the work of employees and following up on how they work.
3. Payment of salaries and annual promotions of employees and teachers.
4. Supervising the electronic system for sending and receiving documents of ministries, universities, colleges and institutes affiliated to our university and their numbering (incoming – outgoing).
5.Supervising the administration departments of all colleges and institutes of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University.
6. Printing and following up all the administrative documents of our university and all colleges and institutes.
7. This department recommends training and management courses to improve the skills of employees and teachers.
-8 Supervising all committees, such as (allowances, change of certificates, study permits of employees,….).

The Directorate of Administration

Director: Abbas Mohammed Gharib

Address: Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, 2sec floor.

Wrme Street 327/76, Qrga, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq

P.O. Box: 70-236