The largest scientific and technology festival of Sulaimani Polytechnic University in coordination with the platform (In Sulaimani) was held in the campus of Chwachra Technical Colleges, with the participation of a large number of government, party and academic officials, teachers, employees, students and guests. This festival was held with the participation of students of colleges and institutes of Sulaimani Polytechnic University. Each college and institute participated with several projects. In addition to several projects (arts, culture, crafts and book exhibitions), the total number of scientific and technological projects participated was (150) different projects; In the festival, an expert committee consisting of a number of teachers and academics from the universities of (Sulaimani, Koya, Charmo, Qaywani International) evaluated the projects and recorded the names and innovations of students. After more than (3) hours, students from the participating colleges and institutes won first, second and third places in the fields of health and medicine, engineering and technology, IT and computer, and agriculture.

Photos of Science and Technology Festival (2023)