Sustainable Procurement/ Purchase Policy

The University vision and mission, which are to be worldwide recognised as a university of sharing information by offering inspirational learning to generate professional leaders for serving society, serve as the university constant guides at Sulaimani Polytechnic University. By participating in social initiatives including rural development, senior citizen welfare, women’s empowerment, community service, health and hygiene awareness, and environmental protection, the university also help to create a dynamic, healthy, and sustainable society. Sustainable procurement/purchasing refers to the act of acquiring or assembling services for a business with consideration for the environment and society at large, while also ensuring that the services are eco-friendly. Every procurement action taken should be morally pure. A business can develop a full price and obtain a greater portion of financial benefits through sustainable procurement because it can help in the reduction of the price. When engaging in any purchasing for or on behalf of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University while performing their duties, employees are expected to adhere to this policy and uphold the highest ethical standards at all times. to ensure that procurement policies and procedures are compliant with the University Act and to facilitate effective institutional governance.



Eco-friendly items should be used in order to protect the lives of the local population and lessen adverse environmental effects. The Core Principles of Procurement, set forth by the Ministry of Council, govern procurement at Sulaimani Polytechnic University. By adhering to these principles in the university procurement policy, the university aim to further enhance the sustainability of the university operations. As part of the university mission to become a centre of excellence acknowledged worldwide, the university work hand in hand with the university suppliers and stakeholders to set and uphold consistent standards in their business operations, included but not limited.



Respect and abide by any and all environmental regulations that are relevant in the nation or jurisdiction. Take steps to promote greater environmental accountability, such as: Implementing accountable waste management and disposal procedures is necessary to transfer trash to licenced waste processors. Cutting back on waste effluents. Preservation of naturally occurring non-renewable resources. Appropriate plans for waste material recycling and reuse.


Business Ethics

The university adheres to high moral and ethical standards, honesty, integrity, and respect for human rights in all aspects of the university’s corporate operations. The university has a strong inclination to think that strong moral principles are necessary for successful economic partnerships. Adhere to all applicable national and international regulations pertaining to ethical business conduct in the operating countries or among them,  Provide evidence of the presence of protocols designed to thwart conflicts of interest, fraud, bribery, and concealing.



Sulaimani Polytechnic University is subject to the Procurement Policy, which was created by the Ministry of Finance and Economics. All departments and staff members that handle purchases on behalf of Sulaimani Polytechnic University are subject to the terms and conditions of this procurement policy. All purchases of products and services are covered by the procurement policy, with the exception of some categories of purchases depending on the kind and amount of expenditures.

Three to five people should make up the Expert Committee, with the head of purchasing serving as the department’s representation and special invitees being representatives from the relevant fields. The term “purchaser” refers to the person who signs the purchase order and often comprises of three to five committee members. The organisation, vendor, dealer, agent, or private person from whom the institute might purchase products or services is referred to as a seller. There are two different kinds of receipts: one that shows the entire amount paid, and another that shows the quantity of the commodity that was purchased. Record of items being physically received in stores in relation to the particular purchase order. Purchasing can take many different forms, such as buying goods or services related to.


Request for Quotation or Proposal

At Sulaimani Polytechnic University, when the purchasing price exceeds 100,000,000 IQD For every line item procurement, at least one quotation must be acquired in accordance with the following competitive sourcing guidelines: anticipated lifespan of the product the supplier is selling. Evaluation of the sophisticated product offered by the supplier, if it is accessible.

This policy was approved by the President of the University on 1 September 2022 and annual updates were made in September 2023.

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