Policy Overview

This policy lays out the goals and constraints for the university’s investment portfolios and describes how the university is incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into its investment decisions in order to support its aggressive sustainability strategy.



Our society’s forward-thinking leaders are the research scholars and students. With our instruction, the admirable goal of environmental sustainability will be achieved. They will be essential in creating the policy and technology solutions needed to achieve successful outcomes in the future. For the benefit of world wellbeing, universities must eventually help students, researchers, and faculty shift their perspectives towards environmental sustainability.


Policy Scope

In order to meet this goal, the university has implemented policies that improve societal well-being by lessening their negative effects on the environment. These policies will also represent the institution’s strategy for addressing climate change and other significant global issues. Every year, the university presidency will examine the sustainable investment policy.


Sustainable Investment Strategy

To do this, the university is dedicated to making sure that investments in its portfolios are made in accordance with the strictest ESG guidelines. Our approach acknowledges that companies that adopt a sustainable approach to environmental and social challenges are better stewards of long-term capital and that a responsible approach to sustainability and financial returns are not mutually contradictory.



Investment choices made with pooled funds are made at the fund level. As a result, the University routinely reviews the fund exposures with its investment advisors and evaluates the underlying fund manager’s holistic ESG approach when investing through pooling. Only 70% of the entire cash invested by the university will be used by the university; the remaining portion is given to the regional council ministry.


Environmental, Social, and Governess (ESG) Integration:

The University mandates that its fund managers incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their investment analysis and decision-making procedures when making direct investments or using pooled assets.



An investment Committee has been constituted by the University to achieve the set of objectives. The Committee plays a significant role as it sets the processes and practices to reduce environmental impacts, increase operating efficiency and integrate sustainable thinking into operations for optimum utilization of available resources in the University and surrounding areas.

Investment Policy

The Sulaimani Polytechnic University follows the policy for investment as below:

  1. To determine the surplus funds available for investment, a committee appointed by the chairman and the university president will evaluate the funds.
  2. The committee responsible for evaluating investments will assess the many safe investment alternatives that the university has access to.
  3. The university president will be presented with the investment choice by the investment evaluation committee.
  4. Payment will be made upon the university president’s approval.
  5. The university will not engage in any open investments with a high risk factor, such as share or mutual fund trading.
  6. The university will not give investors a commission.

This policy was approved by the President of the University on 1 September 2022 and annual updates were made in September 2023.

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