MSc. and Ph.D. theses from Sulaimani Polytechnic University

Thesis TypeAuthor’s Full NameThesis TitleCollegeYear
MSc.Diyari Jalal Mussa Al ZahawiSMS Spam Detection System Using Hybrid Gradient Boosting with Wrapper AlgorithmsTechnical College of Informatics2020
PhD.Rebaz Mala NabiUsing the Dragonfly Algorithm to Augment Crime Forecasting Technical College of Informatics2022
MSc.Bakhan Tofiq Ahmed Fingerprint Authentication Using Swarm Intelligence and Genetic AlgorithmTechnical College of Informatics2020
MSc.Shadi Bakr AhmedThe Effect of Process Parameters on the Spring Back of Al/Cu Bimetallic Sheets in Bending ProcessTechnical College of Engineering2020
MSc.Bakhtiar Saadey GhafoorPerformance of Two Species of Black Cumin(Nigella sativa) and (Nigella arvensis) Under Different Sowing Dates in Spring and Autumn at Hallabja Province/Iraqi Kurdistan RegionHallabja Technical College of Applied Sciences2017
MSc.Banaz Ahmed muhealddinThe Reality of Green Accounting and its Role in Improving the Environmental Performance of Economic UnitsA field Study From the Point of View of a Sample of Academics and Specialists In Industrial Companies in Sulaimanyah GovernorateTechnical College of Administration2021
MSc.Sawen Qadir MahmoodMeasurement and accounting disclosure of intellectual capital and it’s impact on the financial analysis of performance.Technical College of Administration2022
MSc.Alla Ahmad HassanAutomatic COVID-19 Detection Using MachineLearning TechniquesTechnical College of Informatics2021
MSc.Nihayat Ismael JamalStrategic Awareness and Its Role in Reducing Organization Deviation PracticesAn analytical study of the opinions of a sample of administrative leaders in the Municipality of Sulaymaniyah City.Technical College of Administration2022
MSc.Shilan Salar Majeed The Role of Strategic Leadership in Adopting Sustainable Marketing Strategies An Analytical Study of the Opinions of Administrative Leaders in a Number of Private Banks (Erbil and Sulaymaniyah Banks as a Model)Technical College of Administration2022
MSc.Paiman Sidiq SalihInvestigating the Optimal Conditions of Simultaneous Cutting-Edge Angles, Nose Radius and Included Angle for Cutting Force and Surface Finish in Turning of Polyamide PA66Technical College of Engineering2020
MSc.Wshiar Omar MustafaThe Use of Modern Management Accounting Techniques and their Impact on the Quality of Information that Supporting Administrative DecisionsTechnical College of Administration2021
MSc.Guldoz Mohammed Dler OmerThe Impact of the Application of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) on the Quality of Financial ReportsTechnical College of Administration2020
PhD.Bakhtiar Aubaid SharifThe Role of Strategic Transformation in Vocational Development through the University Education Management Technical College of Administration2020
MSc.Faraidun Nzar Karim The role of forensic accounting in limiting greative accounting practices and its reflection on the quality of accounting informationTechnical College of Administration2022
MSc.Zamin Dyar Hassanthe use of profitability ratios in evaluating market shareTechnical College of Administration2021
MSc.Dlkhwaz Ahmed HamaAssessment of Some Nutritional Status and Blood Parameters of Children in Halabja CityHalabja Technical College of Applied sciences2017
MSc.Oral Abubakr HusseinThe Role of Kurdish Electronic Websitesin the Formation of Cultural Awarenessof the University Students in the Kurdistan Region(A field study)ڕۆڵی پێگە ئەلیكترۆنییە كوردییەكان لە پێكهێنانی هۆشیارییکولتوریی خوێندكارانی زانكۆ لە هەرێمی كوردستاندا(توێژینەوەیەکی مەیدانییە)Technical College of Administration2022
MSc.Abubakr Othman MohammedElectronic Accounting Information Systems and Their Role in Supporting Strategic DecisionsTechnical College of Administration2022
MSc.Dalia Muhammed Tariq MustafaStudying the Effect of CaTiO3Nanoparticles and Glass Fiber on Structural and MechanicalProperties of EpoxyTechnical College of Engineering2021
MSc.Bestun Ibrahim Hama RahimEpidemiological and Clinical Characteristics of Hepatitis C Viral Infections in High Risk Groups and Tertiary Centres in Sulaimani City / Kurdistan Region of IraqTechnical College of Health2016
MSc.Mohammed Hikmat HassanInvestigation of Mechanical Properties for Parts Fabricated by FDM 3D Printer TechnologyTechnical College of Engineering2022
MSc.Shadi Bakr AhmedThe Effect of Process Parameters on Spring Back of Bimetallic Sheet in Bending ProcessTechnical College of Engineering2020
MSc.Niaz Mustafa KamalCongenital Heart Diseases among Children in Sulaimani Governorate:Epidemiology and Risk FactorsCollege of Health and Medicine2017
MSc.Arkan Jabbar MohammedThe Role of Mobile Journalism in ProducingKurdish Satellite Channels News among JournalistsTechnical College of Administration2021
MSc.Razaw Rashid SalihThe impact of Green Human Resource Management practices on the Reputation of the OrganizationTechnical College of Administration2022
MSc.Shanga Maarouf MohammedThe Impact of Inter-Cell Interference on the Performance of Next Generation Cellular SystemsTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Zhana Fidakar MohammedBlood Cancer-ALL Classification Based on FeatureFusion TechniquesTechnical College of Informatics2020
MSc.Warmn Faiq AhmedMalicious URL Detection Using an OptimizedLearning ModelTechnical College of Informatics2022
MSc.Shalaw Faraj SalihBi-Layer Content Based Image Retrieval TechniqueTechnical College of Informatics2021
MSc.Sarko Salahalddin AhmedDesign and Implementation of a LoRa-basedWeather Monitoring StationTechnical College of Informatics2021
MSc.Roza Fuad MajeedDetection System of Skin TumorsUsing Image ProcessingTechnical College of Informatics2020
MSc.Nashma Taha MohammedOptimizing Time Consumption for Smartphone-basedDistributed Parallel Processing SystemsTechnical College of Informatics2022
MSc.Mohammed Khalid OthmanHigh Image Quality Technique for Single ImageDehazingTechnical College of Informatics2022
MSc.Hawar Hussein YabaPlate Number Recognition based on HybridTechniquesTechnical College of Informatics2020
MSc.Haval Darwesh AbdalkaremAn Improved Indoors Localization For Smartphone Using Wi-Fi and Inertial sensor TechnologiesTechnical College of Informatics2019
MSc.Dashne Raouf ArifAn Efficient Techniques for Improving Performance inSQL and NoSQL DatabaseTechnical College of Informatics2020
PhDShakhawan Hares WadyMedical Image Retrieval System Using ConcatenationTechniques and DiagnosisTechnical College of Informatics2021
PhDShahla Uthman UmarImproved Swarm Intelligence Algorithmsfor Optimization ProblemsTechnical College of Informatics2021
PhDSarkar Hasan AhmedProposed Hash Algorithms and an AuthenticationApproach for Internet of Things Based ApplicationTechnical College of Informatics2021
PhDRebwar Mala NabiImproved Ensemble Learning Technique for StockPrice PredictionTechnical College of Informatics2020
PhDHaval Mohammed Sidqi GharibImproved Multi Band Wavelet Based Digital ImageSteganographyTechnical College of Informatics2020
PhDHardi Mohammed MohammedSalehDesign and Development of the MetaheuristicAlgorithms for Mathematical and EngineeringOptimization ProblemsTechnical College of Informatics2021
PhDChnoor Maheadeen RahmanLearner Performance-Based Behavior: The New Singleand Multi-Objective Optimization AlgorithmsTechnical College of Informatics2021
PhDBryar Ahmad HassanArtificial Intelligence Algorithms For Natural Language Prossesing and the Semantic Web Intology LearningTechnical College of Informatics2021
PhDAram Mahmood AhmedVariance of Single and Multi-objectives Cat SwarmOptimization AlgorithmTechnical College of Informatics2021
PhDAhmed Sardar Mohammed SaeedUse of Hierarchical Set of One Way Hash Functions toIndex the Blocks for Fast Big Data De-duplicationTechnical College of Informatics2022
MSc.Zhilwan Ali MajeedNumerical and Experimental Study of Cooling Capacity forCold Storage UnitTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Rawa Hamza MohammedEffects of Multi pass ECAP via Route BC and C on theMechanical Properties and Structure of Hot ExtrudedAA6061-T4 chipsTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Mohammed Jalal MohammedSustainable Urbanism Approach for AchievingOutdoor Thermal Comfort in the Sulaimani CityResidential NeighborhoodsTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Ihsan Jabar KhamasInvestigating the Effect of Heat Treatments on theDamping Properties of Low and Medium CarbonStructural SteelTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Didar Othman MohammedExperimental Study of the Effect ofTransverse Vibration and Inclination Angleon the Performance of a Double Pipe Heat ExchangerTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Shamal Sdiq Mustafa“The role of knowledge management processes inimproving the characteristics of smart organizations”Technical College of Administration2023
MSc.Omer Karim SharifThe Role of New Media Technology in NewsProduction in Kurdish Television ChannelsTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Jwan Asaad AhmidThe role of Instagram in the direction of youth social relationsin the Iraqi Kurdistan Region: A field studyTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Evan Fkhraldin Mohammed(An applied study in the Ashur Industrial Company for theproduction of red bricks)Technical College of Administration2023
MSc.Dana Bahadin MustafaThe Role of Kurdish News Websites in the Formation ofPolitical Awareness by the Sulaimaniyah PolytechnicUniversity LecturersTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Brwa Othman RahmanThe relationship between journalists skillsand the management of Facebook in theKurdistan Region(A field study)Technical College of Administration2023
MSc.Sara Omar Hassan QadirFactors Affecting the Rate of Cesarean-Section and itsComplications in Maternity Teaching Hospital andPrivate Hospitals in Sulaimani City, Kurdistan Regionof IraqCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Khuncha Kawa Hama SalihPrevalence of Obesity and Overweight Among Students of Publicand Private High Schools in Sulaimani City: A Comparative StudyCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Hardy Hasan RasulDetermination of Risk Factors and theirAssociation with Certain Biochemical Parametersof Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Individuals inSulaimani City-Iraq.College of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Diyari Othman KarimInvestigation of Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondiiamong Ocular Infection PatientsCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Diman Muhammad MahmoodPrevalence of Candida Species among Cancer Patients withOral Candidiasis in Sulaimaniyah Province – KurdistanRegion of IraqCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Brwa Zahid MohammedStudy of Some Physiological and BiochemicalChanges in Obese AdultsCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Brwa Hamaraza QurbaniCommparing complication Of Common Intravenous Anesthesia Drugs During Anesthesia for patients Undergoing Surgery in sulimani City College of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Aras Qadir PirotThe Prevalence of Anemia and Associated Risk Factorsamong Pregnant Women in Sulaimani city – Kurdistan-IraqCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Hiwa Ali HamasalihStudying the Mechanical Properties of the Plastic Blends Under the Influence of Injection Parameters and Blending RatiosTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Rebaz Ahmed MajeedThe Assessment of Security Indicators in SulaimaniNeighborhoods: A Comparison Study between ATraditional and A New NeighborhoodsTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Sardar Hussein AliEpidemiology and Microbiological Study of Certain EntericBacteria Isolated from Children with Acute Diarrhea inIraqi Kurdistan RegionCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2022
MSc.Bnar Hiwa Saeed AliOptimization of Mechanical Properties of Epoxy-Based CompositesReinforced with Animal Natural FibersTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Israa Saadaldin Shamas aldinDetection of HER2 Gene Single NucleotidePolymorphisms(SNP) in Breast Cancer PatientsAdmitted to Hiwa HospitalCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Yadgar Aziz AbdullahAssociation of Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 andCarcinoembryonic Antigen among Malignant ThyroidTumorsCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Avan Ali Mohammed Ameen Environmental Assessment of Natural Feature Change: Goizha Mountain / Sulaimani City as a Case Study
Technical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Chovin Ibrahim Hussein Environmental Justice in Water System Management, Sulaimani City as a Case StudyTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Zhwan Muhummed Najat Abdullah The Effect of Land-use Policy on Tourism Development in the Kurdistan Region: Dukan Town as a Case StudyTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Zhino Bakr HamaThe Role of Enlightened Leadership In Enhancing Organizational AmbidexterityTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Peshraw Yasin Sharif HamasurFactors Affecting the Action and Outcome of Local Anesthetic Solution during Spinal Anesthesia in Slemani City, Kurdistan Region, IraqCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Dana Abubakr SalihA Kurdish Corpus of Fake News: Collection, Analysis,and Machine Learning ClassificationTechnical College of Informatics2023
MSc.Binaee Kawany AsadThe Role of Openbook Accounting Technology in Supporting Supply Chain Management in Order to Achieve Competitive AdvantageTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Kamal Jalal RashidPreoperative Assessment and Postoperative Evaluationfor Risk Factors to Infection and Clinical Complicationsamong Patients Undergoing Surgery in Sulaimani CityCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Hakar Mohammed RasulReal-Time Twitter Bot Detection Using Apache SparkTechnical College of Informatics2023
MSc.Bryar Hussen AhmadThe Role of the Internal Control system in the Application of theRisk Management and it is Reflection on the Qualityof Financial ReportsTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Hogr Ahmad MustafaThe role of Internal Audit on strengthening self- evaluation of the components of the internal Control System according to the COSO FrameworkTechnical College of Administration2023
PhDPaiman Rafiq MohammadThe Role of Analytical Procedures in Activating Auditing Process inBig Data Environment and Its Reflection on the Quality of Financial Information that Supports Decision-MakingTechnical College of Administration2023
PhDBakhtiar Ali KarimEstimation Improvement for Direction of Arrival UsingSubspace MethodsTechnical College of Engineering2023
PhDSoran Mohammed AmeenThe Effect of Auditors’ Awareness of Computerized Accounting Programs on Audit Risks and its Reflection on Audit QualityTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Hanar Hoshyar MustafaA Proposed Lemmatization and Spell-CheckingTechniques for Kurdish Sorani and KurmanjiTechnical College of Informatics2023
PhDSalam Mahmood HamadThe Impact of Integration between Sustainable Balanced Scorecardand Time-driven Activity Based Costing to Achieve the CompetitiveAdvantage, an Analytical Study in Private Universities andInstitutions in Kurdistan Region- IraqTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Azeez Rahman AbdullaA Machine Learning Model for Intelligent IntrusionDetection of IoT networksTechnical College of Informatics2023
PhDHalgurd Nawzad AwlDesign and Fabrication of Multi-element Antennas for 5GSystemsTechnical College of Engineering2023
MSc.Rawand Rauf AbdullaAnalysis and Monitoring Log Files for Security andMaintenance purposesTechnical College of Informatics2023
MSc.Dana Asaad MohammedThe Role of Public Relations in National BudgetNegotiations Between the Kurdistan RegionalGovernment and the Federal GovernmentTechnical College of Administration2023
PhDBestun Ibrahim Hama RahimSafety, efficacy, knowledge and attitude towardCovid-19 Pfizer vaccine among health staff inSulaimani cityCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2023
MSc.Chya Qadir Hama FarajProposed LC-PGM Learned Index for ImprovingQuery PerformanceTechnical College of Informatics2023
MSc.Shawbo Ali HamasurStudying the Surface Quality andCutting Forces of Polyamide PA66 Underthe Effect of Cutting Depth and ToolGeometryTechnical College of Engineering2023
PhDGalawizh Muhammad NajeebHybrid Learning Index for Improving QueryPerformance in Spatial DatabaseTechnical College of Informatics2024
MSc.Miran Omer AminThe role of the auditor in evaluating internal control under computerized systemTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Rebin Jamal FatahThe Role of Financial Analysis And Risk Reduction on Credit Decisions in BanksTechnical College of Administration2024
PhDAsan Baker KanbarImproving Task Scheduling and Load Balancing inCloud ComputingTechnical College of Informatics2024
PhDKawan Faiq AhmedFronthaul Optical Fiber Link Design and Analysis fora Centralized Radio Access Network in an UrbanAreaTechnical College of Engineering2024
MSc.Chalak Omar RashidThe Role of Public Relations in NGOs, e.g., the charitableorganizations in the Kurdistan RegionTechnical College of Administration2023
MSc.Hawaar Kamal AsaadQuality of Life in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Sulaimani City College of Health and Medical Technologies2024
PhDZana Faris MuhammedHealth Status of Elderly Population in SulaimaniGovernorate: The Current Health Services andHealth NeedsCollege of Health and Medical Technologies2024