Sulaimani Polytechnic University is committed to providing equal access and opportunities to individuals with disabilities. This accommodation policy aims to ensure that students with disabilities have reasonable accommodations that enable them to fully participate in educational programs, activities, and services offered by the university.


Sulaimani Polytechnic University defines disabilities as Physical, sensory, cognitive, learning, mental health, and other impairments that significantly impede major life activities.

Accommodation Request Process

If a student needs accommodation due to a disability, they must notify the designated dorm services office and present the necessary documents.

The documentation nature and consequences of their handicap must be described in pertinent, up-to-date evidence from licensed medical or psychological specialists, which students must present.


Students shall give confidential treatment for any paperwork and information pertaining to their disabilities, with sharing limited to those who have a legitimate need to know. Students’ right to privacy shall always be honored. Students will be asked to give written consent outlining the reason and extent of the information to be shared before any disability-related information is disclosed.

Provided facilities for Students with Disabilities
  1. Academic modifications, such more time for tests, help taking notes, or different format materials.
  2. Physical accessibility improvements to residence halls, classrooms, and campus buildings.
  3. Adaptive equipment and assistive technologies.
  4. Tasks improvements or requirements for the course, if suitable and practically possible academically.
  5. Students with disabilities are exceptional of tuitions fee and accommodation fee.
  6. Students with disabilities are accommodated in ground level rooms
  7. Students with disabilities are provided with accessible parking spots.
  8. Students with disabilities are provided with a support letter for governments monthly salary and free health checkup f, for private and public sector health service.

Accommodation requests will be promptly reviewed by the Residential Services Office, usually following receipt of all required paperwork. Periodically, accommodations will be evaluated to make sure they are still effective. Students are urged to notify the dorm services office of any concerns or adjustments to their needs.

Training and Awareness

The academic staff, employees, and students of Sulaimani Polytechnic University will engage in awareness campaigns aimed at fostering inclusion and understanding. Training on disability-related topics, including recommended methods for accommodating students with impairments, will be provided to faculty and staff personnel.


To maintain compliance with current policy and industry best practices, this accommodation policy will be reviewed regularly and revised as needed.

This policy was approved by the President of the University on 1 September 2022 and annual updates were made in September 2023.

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