This department belongs to Halabja Technical College of Applied Sciences affiliated to the Sulaimani Polytechnic University, it was established in the year 2020-2021. The first year 26 students were accepted, and currently there are students for the second and third stages. The subjects are taught theoretical and practical on the Bologna system and consist of eight semesters, with 30 credits per semester and total 240 credits required for a bachelor’s degree. This system differs from the annual system, in which the Bologna system has many student activities, including weekly quizzes, individual reports, group reports, homework, laboratory reports, daily activities, attendance, theoretical and practical exams, and seminars.


The department’s message: preparation of experts and professional employee in the field of managing agricultural projects with giving them the latest information and modern technologies.


The vision of the Agricultural Projects Management Department is the department works to ensure that technical and vocational education is quantitatively and qualitatively at the level of labor market needs in the public and private sectors.


Students of this department will be familiar with the sciences of managing agricultural projects, and will be qualified to obtain:

  1. Working in the Ministry of Agriculture for this specialization.
  2. Graduates of this department can work in all private companies in the field of agriculture and food production.
  3. Managing all agricultural projects, including (animal breeding projects, poultry, greenhouses, etc.).
  4. Working in the management of storages of agricultural products.
  5. Work in the field of marketing.
  6. Monitoring the quality of food and agricultural products.
  7. Work in the field of the agricultural industry and agricultural food products.
Department Council Committee
Full Name Academic Title Committee Member
Dr. Sahar Hussein Hama Rashid
Shram Wshyar Karim
Gulalal Muhemmed Saeed
Farhan Abdalrahman Muhemmed
Ghazi Othman Ahmad
Assistant Lecturer