• Sulaimani Technical Institute STI

    Sulaimani Technical Institute STI0

    STI was first established in 1973 in Sulaimani city, it continued until 1980-1981. When the University of Sulaimani moved to Erbil Governorate in 1981, this institute was disrupted and its scientific departments were divided over the institutes of (Mousel, Baghdad and Ammara), later according to the verdict number 619 in 22.6.1988 the institute was established

  • Sulaimani Technical Institute

    Sulaimani Technical Institute0

    This institute was established in 1988 in Suleimania. This institute is supervised and run 22 members. Departments: Community Health, Mechanics, Business Administration, Pathological investigations, Pharmacy, Surveying, Midwifery, Anaesthesia, Nursing, Electricity, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Accounting, Engineering Drawing, Electronics, Media/Morning, Human Resource Management, Statistics and Information and Dental Prevention.

  • Chamchamal Technical Institute CTI

    Chamchamal Technical Institute CTI0

    It is a significant educational Sector in Chamchamal established in 2000 following the decision of the Prime Minister. The first academic year started in the same year by receiving students in Electricity and Nursing departments followed by launching the Computer Science department in 2008. By 2009, The Department of Business & Administration for both morning

  • Kalar Technical Institute KTI

    Kalar Technical Institute KTI0

    The Technical Institute of Kalar is a significant Technical school established in 1995 as an appreciation for Garmiyan people sacrifices and martyrdom during the Baath Regime authority. The Institute started by Launching the agriculture and Electricity departments. Later in 1997, the Planimetry and Accountancy departments were established and received students in the same year. In

  • Dukan Technical Institute DTI

    Dukan Technical Institute DTI0

    The Technical institute of Dukan was established, under the Ministerial order of the Prime Minister (Issue No. 3437.24/052004) in 2004. Initially, it was decided to launch the Cinema department; however, the decision was cancelled due to the deficiency of staff. Later, the department of Tourism from Sulaimani Technical Institute was moved to Dukan Institute. By

  • Computer Science Institute CSI

    Computer Science Institute CSI0

    This institute was established under the official decision of the KRG Prime Minister in 2003 (Issue No. 205) and received the first group of student from 2003 to 2004. The students are provided with Diploma after passing two academic years and completing two months summer training in the governmental and private sectors. The Institute initially

  • Darbandikhan Technical Institute DATI

    Darbandikhan Technical Institute DATI0

    The Technical Institute of Darbandi Khan is a branch of the Ministry of Higher Education established in 29/09/2005 under the Council of Ministers’ official order (Issue No. 2312). It initially consisted of two departments (Electricity and Accountancy). The Institute was established in order to provide the Darbandi Khan high school students the opportunity to apply

  • Bakrajo Technical Institute BTI

    Bakrajo Technical Institute BTI0

    Sulaimani Technical Agriculture Institute was established in 2007 by the Technical Foundation Board following the Higher education Ministerial order (No.304) in 28/08/2007. Later, its name was changed to Bakrajo Technical Agriculture Institute. The Institute currently consists of five departments aiming at preparing many graduates to work in the field of agriculture and to make development


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