Vice President for Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs

Assist Prof. Dr. Soran Saeed

Vice President for Scientific affairs

The Vice presidency for academic affairs provides advice and leadership to the faculty members and directors and heads of units related to the academic functions of the university including introduction of new programs, curriculum development, teaching, cultural relations, postgraduate studies, academic promotion and scientific research and related activities.

The vice president also serves as the principal adviser to the president and the university council on these issues. These functions are facilitated through expert committees; direct liaison with the president, the deans, academic departments and individual faculty members; as well thorough direct supervision of the related directorates or of the university including directorates of scientific affairs, cultural relations, teaching quality assurance, curriculum development and laboratory supplies. The Vice Presidency for Scientific affairs and higher education is consisted of five directorates which are:
Directorate of Scientific Affairs(Quality Assuarance & Curriculum Development Unit,Journal Unit)
Directorate of English language Center
Directorate of Information Technology & Statistic
Directorate of Training & Developing Skills CDC

Directorate of Research Center