Mission, Vision, and Core Value


To prepare skilled technical staff and experts in various specializations at levels of technical diploma, bachelor’s degree and beyond. The graduates will be equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge in line with the latest scientific, technological developments and according to market needs. Thus, the students will have the ability to serve the community and participate in its progress and development.


Sulaimani Polytechnic University works for a brighter future of Kurdistan in general and Sulaimani in particular, where technical graduates are educated to the highest level in terms of quality and quantity by fulfilling the needs of the labour market in both public and private sectors.


Educate students at technical diploma, BSc and higher degrees.
Undertake scientific research in various fields that serve advancement of science, technology, social and economic development of Kurdistan.
Contribute to the development of technical and vocational skills of the youth through short-term training courses to enhance their employment opportunities.
Regular modernization and upgrading of physical facilities, equipment, curricula and human resources in line with community needs and advancement of science and technology.
Strengthen academic and cultural relations with national and international organizations.
Ensure a teaching and working environment conducive to mutual understanding, respect, ownership and success

Shared Values

Academic excellence
Culture of respect and democracy
Transparency and Accountability
Life-long learning
Participation and community involvement