Announcement for the participants in the third session to develop the efficiency of lecturers - teaching methods


Dear Ladies and gentlemen, kindly be informed that:

The subscribers through the Internet or have registered almost directly at the third session to develop their capabilities and efficiency, kindly notice the following:

1-       The participant should visit the presidency of the SPU / accounting department Mr. Choman Ahmed phone number (07501495858)in a maximum period of one week as of Wednesday (8th  February 2017) to pay the fees and join the course.

2-       Official working for the accounting department from Sunday to Wednesday from 8:30 am to 1pm.

3-        Those who wish to register via the link below, and visit the accounting department at the presidency of the university, noting that the deadline for registration is Monday (13th  February 2017).




        Registration link at the third session to develop the efficiency of the lecturers:

Contact Info

Sulaimani Polytechnic University

Kurdistan Region of Iraq ,
Sulaimani Governorate, Qirga ,
Wrme St. , Mardin 327 , Alley 76


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