For this academic year, Sulaymani Polytechnic University accepted 64 students in eight graduate programs


Vice president for scientific affairs of SPU, Dr.Soran Saeed, said that the university "has decided to open eight graduate programs during the current academic year 2016- 2017, the colleges are information technology, health, engineering, administrative, and Applied Science," pointing out that "64 students accepted into those programs, including 52 for Master and 12 for a doctorate. "

Dr.Soran added that the eight programs "are including information technology, media, community health, communications engineering, Food industry, Architecture and Urban Planning, production, minerals and Computer Science Engineering, noting that programs related to Information Technology and community health and urban planning programs will be implemented in cooperation with the Kurdistan Foundation for scientific research to take advantage of their specialists and laboratories.

He added, the study of the 27 of those who have been admitted to study master (24) students, and (3) PhD   will be in accordance with the parallel system, pointing out that the master's programs seats distributed as follows: 11 for the specialization of Information Technology, ten of architecture and urban planning, eight for production engineering and minerals, seven for food industry, six for the media, and five for each of the health of the community and communication Engineering”


While for PhD seats, it includes nine specialty of Computer Science and three for the health of society and emphasizing on the necessity of passing English proficiency test under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan Regional Government postgraduate instructions.

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