President of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University calls for young people to raise their scientific level and learn foreign languages ​​and not to rely on government employment



During his attendance at the  first annual meeting  of the Kurdistan  youth council that has been held at Grand Millennium on 28th of Jan,2017 entitled(Role of the youth yesterday ,today and in the future), President of the SPU Dr.Alan stressed on the necessity   of  the Kurdistan  universities to develop the capacity of youth and equip them with new knowledge and skills to enable them to rely on themselves and implement  their special projects, suited to their attitudes and aspirations, urging them to raise their scientific, cultural level  and learn foreign languages, and not rely on the government for employment since 
the youth are the power of any community and has a great role in community development and promotion 

Dr.Alan  stated ,the colleges and Institutes of the SPU, focuses on the preparation of qualified scientific and technical  cadres and build bridges of communication with the labor  and production sectors  in order to be responsive to their needs and requirements and to provide suitable opportunities for their graduates in the labor market", calling on young people to "not rely on the government only in employment because it is not consistent with the current political and economic trends  of open market which allows to  release  their energies to serve the community and promote it. "


Dr.Alan urged the young people to raise their scientific and cultural level and concern for the acquisition of necessary skills and knowledge, including foreign language, because language is the passport of entering the world of business.


It is worth mentioning that the presidents of the universities of Sulaimani Dr.Ratha Hussein, Komar Dr.Salah Aziz and Koya Dr.Walee Mahmud. Participated in the meeting.

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