Dr.Alan Faraidum president of SPU, calls to make Flag Day a turning point for facing of those who do not want the Kurds to enjoy their rights.




On the occasion of Kurdistan Flag Day President of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University on his account on Facebook wrote,  the Kurdish people throughout history sacrifice himself for the sake of preserving their country flag, to keep flying high embraced the sky, a sign of yearning for freedom and dignity, he added the day of the flag of Kurdistan should not be routine formality but making sure to be a point of review and change radically and find plan to confront the enemies of the Kurds who do not want to see them enjoy their rights.


 He called the Kurds to "stand united shoulder to shoulder in defense of their nationality and their right to self-determination and willingness to make sacrifices necessary to achieve national legitimate."  And on the current situation in the Kurdistan Region, Dr.Alan think the that the Kurds "bear a historical commitment to the responsibility of a nationality to meet current conditions through correct the negatives and enhance freedoms and respect for the opinions of others and the fight against corruption," adding that "failure to find treatments and serious and fundamental problems that exist lead to the aggravation that add dark shadow on the future solutions ".


On the Flag Day occasion, Dr.Alan said, salute to peshmarga the heroes who sacrifices their life to preserve Kurdistan to let the flag stands high embracing the sky.




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