Darbandikhan starts implementing the traffic plan prepared by its technical institute with Dutch funding of a hundred thousand dollars.


Darbandikhan Technical Institute announced the start of implementation of the plan that the Institute contributed in preparing it to regular and illuminate the traffic for the following 10 years, two Dutch companies and a local one will implement the project.


The head of the Survey Section at the Institute, Mr. Imran Hassan, said that the institute "has prepared an integrated a plan for the traffic for ten years (2017-2027)", pointing out that the plan includes "planning streets and identifying public and private transmission lines and those relating to the bike “and the duration of the project implementation is 180 days and this plan will be the foundation stone for the rest of the cities of the Kurdistan Region.


On his turn, chief executive of the project, the Dutch architect Tony Bush, expressed the hope that "the plan applied in the rest of the cities of the Kurdistan Region and get benefit from the Dutch experience traffic, taking into account the traditions of the cities and the cultural and civilizational heritage."
It is worth mentioning that Mr. Imran Hassan holds a master's degree from the Netherlands, was the main factor behind persuade the various  concerned parts of  Dutch and Kurdish to implement the plan and funding it.


The announcement of implementing the plan was at a conference held at the conference hall of the institute in 14th of Dec 2016 in the presence of Mayor of Darbandikhan, Dean of the Institute, representatives of the municipality and traffic and the relevant departments and staff of the Institute.

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