Technical College of Administration


This College is located in Sulaimania and is a part of Technical college of Suleymania. It was established in 2003. For the students to acquire technical bachelor degree, they need to complete 8 semesters in an overall of four years. The main goals of this college are to provide higher knowledge for our students, also to improve the usage of computer in the field of administration. The academic staff aim to provide practical knowledge in the field of accounting as well as improving financial investigation. Furthermore, yet another important field that forms up this college is the department of Media. In this department, the students will have a chance to upgrade their skill of presentation with regards of media.


This college comprises of the following departments: Administration, Accounting and Media.

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Sulaimani Polytechnic University

Kurdistan Region of Iraq ,
Sulaimani Governorate, Qirga ,
Wrme St. , Mardin 327 , Alley 76


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