Sulaimani City

Is one of the major cities in both Kurdistan region and Iraq that is situated 385 Km north Baghdad and 198 Km north east Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The city sits between two chains of mountains (Goyzha & Glazarda), longitude (44.50- 46.16) East and latitude (35.04 - 36.30) North. Sulaimania city was founded by Ibrahim Pasha in the year 1784.

Claudius James Rich (March 28, 1787 - October 5, 1821) the famous the British traveller and antiquarian scholar said in his book, Sulaimani – from the beginning of its establishment – had large markets, clean public baths (Turkish design). Today Sulaimani has developed in most modern life aspects, hotels, motels, supermarkets, malls, theatres, restaurants and parks.

From the cultural perspective, Sulaimani is considered to be the capital of Kurdish culture, the famous old ‘Saray’ situates at the center of the city with many museums close by. Sulaimani embraces several universities and educational institutions both public and private ones.


Source:  General Board of Tourism in Kurdistan Region - Iraq

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