International Relations Office


·         Preparing annual leave plans for the colleges and institutes.

·         Executing the lecturers’ permission- to-leave documents regarding delegations to outside the country for the purpose of studying Masters and PhDs and others.

·         Following up the higher study students overseas.

·         Following up the relevant chambers and units in all the colleges and institutes.

·         Executing the lecturers’ documents with regards to forming up delegations in order to participate in conferences, conducting researches, training courses, exchanging information and official visits.

·         Consolidating the relationships with the other universities outside the country.

·         Completing the foreign guests’ documents and affairs before their arrival and during their stayin the country.

 The departments:

·         Chamber of education leave

·         Chamber of the cultural relations

To Contact directly to this directorate, send email to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National & International Partnerships

SPU has partnerships with a number of National and International Universities across the world : here are the list


1.         Europe

1)       Felsberg Institute /Germany

2)      Aeres Groep /the Netherlands

3)      Georg-August-Universität Göttingen /Germany

4)      University of LEICESTER / UK

5)      University of Gastronomic Sciences/ Italy

6)      The University of Sheffield/English Language Teaching Centre / UK

7)      British Council / Erbil/Iraq

2.      USA

1)      Towson University

3.      KRG-Iraq

1)      Işık University / Erbil

2)      University of Human Development/Sulaimani

3)      Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR)

4)      Erbil Polytechnic University /Erbil

5)    Duhok Polytechnic University / Duhok

6) Charmo University / Chamchaml


4.      Turkey

1)      Fatih University

2)      Gediz University

3)      Okan University

4)      Süleyman Şah University

5)      Bursa Orhangazi University

5.      Iran

1)      Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

2)      University of Isfahan

3)      Isfahan University of Technology

4)      Jihad University

5)      Payame Noor University

6)      University of Kurdistan Sananda

7)      Islamic Azad University / Sanandaj Branch

8)      Iran University of Science and Technology

9)      University of Applied Sciences and Technology

10)  Sharif University of Technology

11)  Technical and Vocational University

12)  Kurdistan Technical and Vocational Training Organization 

6.      Arab World

1)      Modern University of Business and Science / Lebanon

2)      Fayoum University

7.      Ukraine

1)      Open International University of Human Development


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