Sulaimani Technical Institute STI

Sulaimani Technical Institute STI

STI was first established in 1973 in Sulaimani city, it continued until 1980-1981. When the University of Sulaimani moved to Erbil Governorate in 1981, this institute was disrupted and its scientific departments were divided over the institutes of (Mousel, Baghdad and Ammara), later according to the verdict number 619 in 22.6.1988 the institute was established for the second time from the disruption of the Institute of Higher Health of the Ministry of Health and then it was linked to the committee of Technical Institutes of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
From buildings, place of studying, administration and students sides, the institute have seen developments.

The Aim of the Institute:

The aim of the institute is to educate technical centrist staff, who would be expert in the scientific filed and different professions such as; (administration, technology and medical) and work for all the governmental institute and different private sectors, in order to lead on the renovation of Kurdistan. After two years of scientific and technical studies in the different professions, and after doing the practical training for two months, the graduate students will get Technical Diploma as their certificate in those professions. In order to get more proficiency and give importance and be informed about the changes which take place in the different fields, the institute opens its yearly trainings (Seminars and workshops) for the teachers and the institute employees in the Scientific, Administration and Financial fields.

STI cinsists of 19 departments:

Medical Fields/
1) Community Health
2) Medical laboratory technique
3) Pharmacy
4) Preventive Dental
5) Nursing
6) Anaesthesia
7) Radiology
8) Physiotherapy
9) Obstetrics gynecology nursing

Engineering Fields/

1) Surveying
2) Engineering Drawing
3) Mechanics
4) Electronics
5) Electricity

Administration Fields/

1) Business Administration
2) Accounting
3) Human Resource Management
4) Statistics
5) Media

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