Directorate of the Training and Developing Skills

Planning and preparation for opening new training course for employee and teachers who belong the university.

The aims:
Developing teacher and employee’s skills through opening workshops and new training courses

The tasks for training and developing the skills:
– Inspecting the necessity of employee and teachers training.
– Choosing a reasonable plan for running the trainings.
– Preparation and printing the writings.
– Cooperation and making contact with those places where are working on this field (training).
– Setting a special program for the participants.
– Picking up the trainers.
– Preparation for the hall and other necessary for the trainings.
– Creating certificates for the trainings.
– Submitting last reports on the trainings.
– Archiving the results of the trainings.

Staff of the Directorate:

1. Kawa HamaSalih Mustaffa
2. Nizar Omer Faraj
3. Sarbast HamaHussein Fathulla
4. Rebeen Salih Mahmood