Directorate of the Legal Affairs

Like other departments, this department has these tasks:
1. Preparing legal writing and recommendation for the president and his deputies concerning issuing new instructions and announcements to accomplish the works.
2. Submitting clarifications legal analysis for the president.
3. Submitting new legal thoughts for the president and other directories of our university.
4. Cooperation in legal works and consulting in order to accomplish the university’s works.
5. Participating in all kinds of committee in order to provide a good assistance.
6. Receiving employees, people, and students complains, and investigating thoroughly and then they would legally work on them with the cooperation of the ministry of high education.
This department in consisted of two main rooms, contracts room with consulting and following the requests.

The plan of the Directory of legal:

1. Developing the relations between the presidency of polytechnic university and other legal directories where they belong to ministry of high education and other legal directories within KRG.
2. Activating legal works within the presidency of the university and good attempts for spreading them put in the universities and institutions within Polytechnic University.

Staff of the Directorate:

Zrng Yahya – Director

1. Gasha Ahmed Hama Hussein
2. Nabaz Osman Hama Aziz

Contracts Room Staff:

1. Farhad Ghafoor Abdul
2. Kwestan Aziz Ameen
3. Sazan Muhammad Ali
4. Maria Salam Ali
5. Skala Ahmed Sharif
6. Bnar Baram Ahmed

Consulting Room Staff:

1. Hawzheen Anwar Muhammed
2. Kaban Kareem Muhammad
3. Tara Hassan Qader
4. Adnan AbdulMuhaiman
5. Shelan Rauuf Latif

E-mail address of the directorate: