Technical College of Applied ScienceTCAC

Technical College of Applied ScienceTCAC

The establishment of this school in 2004 followed Jalal Talabani and Ghazi Ajail Yawar, the former present of Iraq, visit to Halabja. Back to this year, Jalal Talabani Promised Halabja Civilians to open an Agricultural School for high school graduates of the province. It started as the college of agriculture in 2004 following the ministerial order of the Ministry of Higher Education (Issue No. 126/3- 14/08/2004)
The first academic year started in 2005 under the authority of Technical foundation Boards of Sulaimani under the name of The Agriculture School of Halabja/ the department of Plant Preservation followed by the launch of Food Production and Plant Products departments with approximately 150 students in both departments. Following the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education The Food production department was expanded and changed to Food Industry.
By 2010, Field Crops and Horticulture departments were established with offering seats to 609 students.

HTAC consists of three departments:

1. Food Industry , 2005-2006
2. Horticulture, 2009-2010
3. Field Crops, 2009-2010


HTAC aims to prepare a number of professional graduates in the fields of Gardening, Food Industry and Farming Products in order to make development in Food Quality Control Systems, Water Industry and agricultural development. The School can have a great impact in increasing Food products, and improving Food Industry in the region and can play a key role in cultivating agriculture sector in the KR.

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