Computer Science Institute CSI

Computer Science Institute CSI

This institute was established under the official decision of the KRG Prime Minister in 2003 (Issue No. 205) and received the first group of student from 2003 to 2004. The students are provided with Diploma after passing two academic years and completing two months summer training in the governmental and private sectors.
The Institute initially started with one department “Database” and later by 2006, it was expanded and launched Networking Department. In 11/08/2010, The ICT department, under the agreement of the head of Polytechnic University of Suli was established and received students in the same year. Its name was changed to IT in 2013.


The Computer science Institute can play a key role in developing the Administration and management systems in the governmental sectors by preparing talented and skilful graduates to work in the mentioned foundations. The Institute can be of great significance in terms of using data base language as a tool for developing and enhancing administrative activities in the private and Governmental sectors. The institute graduates can also play influential roles in computerising the administrative activities and introducing practical and important computer skills in the sectors. In addition, they can role as Computer instructors in the intermediate schools.
CSI consists of three departments:

1) Database Department, 2003-2004
2) Network Department, 2006-2007
3) Information Technology Department, 2010-2011

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