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Biomedical Research Unit

The biomedical research Unit (BRU) was established in 2013 as part of Sulaimani Polytechnic University Research Centre. With its modern lab technology, the lab aims to carry out scientific researches in different areas of biology, medicine, and chemistry including microbiology, molecular biology, cancer biology, public health studies and other biomedical fields.


To become a pioneer research centre in Kurdistan


Generate and publish locally relevant biomedical data/research in national and international journals
Provide training on various stages of research and on safety and quality assurance measures.
Support the university researchers to undertake high quality research in different areas of interest

Undertake scientific research in different areas of biomedical sciences relevant to the local needs in Kurdistan.
Furnish up-to-date scientific knowledge to find long term solutions for the community health problems.
Train students and researchers on research methodology, publication, lab procedures and safety measures.
Provide molecular diagnosis services for the public and private health sectors.
Seek for effective collaboration with both national and international research centers and institutes.
Contribute to scientific publications and dissemination of scientific knowledge.
Facilities and services:

The BRU has advanced lab equipment and well trained staff and researchers to manage the lab and conduct scientific research in certain areas of interest. However, other researchers within the University are welcome to join this centre and do their own research. Our centre can currently provide the following services:

1. Training courses and workshops on the following subjects:

Research methodology.
Research writing and reference management (use of Microsoft office and EndNot program).
Using of laboratory equipment such as conventional and real time PCR machines, gel electrophoresis, miniVIDUS,…etc
2. Allowing postgraduate students to use our lab facilities for part of their research project.

3. Undertaking research projects approved by the University.


Biomedical Research Unit Sulaimani Polytechnic University
Research Centre Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic University
Contact information:
Telephone: +964 (0) 748190092 _ Unit extension (109)
Email:[at] biomedica-centre[at]